Who Am I?

My name is Rosine Bramly and I am a French astrologist and clairvoyant

My Story

I rosine-as-small-childalways thought that everybody had the images and the little voice in the head, like a normal equipment for life. It took me years to realize that it was not like that for everybody.

My grandmother had dreams and she would tell us the messages. Her schoolmaster would appear to her in her dreams and write names or dates on a blackboard, so as kids we were waiting for the messages. Nobody laughed when she told us about it, because the messages predicted things that happened all the time.

My mother was very respectful of our inner life, asking us about our dreams and encouraging us to follow our intuitions, which is very unusual in a family full of doctors,  even though she is from Switzerland and raised protestant. But she believed in the power of the subconscious. So it was very natural to listen to the voice and try to “catch” the images when they came to our minds. My sister Viviane has gifts too.
When I was a little girl my grandmother used to prepare a talisman that makes you win lawsuits and succeed test and exams. It is made of herbs and prayers. You had to ask her, it works 3 times and then loses its power. No problem, my grandmother could do a whole new one. Before she died, she gave the recipe to my aunt Germaine, who gave the recipe before dying  to her daughter Colette . All this looked perfectly natural to the little girl that I was.

When I was a kid, I knew before class that the teacher would ask me to read the poetry or ask me questions. For the shy little girl that I was, it was a difficult moment and I needed to be prepared, the voice always told me before. I always thought that for everyone it was like that.

I still think that to be clairvoyant is a gift like any other gift (piano, painting, sculpture…) I had that gift of intuition. And thanks to God, I was born in the perfect family to develop it.

I always met people on my path who were encouraging or gave me little signs like white pebbles on my road, I just had to look at them and follow.

When I was 11 years old, my father had a patient,  an old Russian lady who was reading the cards, the classic deck of cards. She felt that I had a gift even though I was so young. My cousin Shirley was really into it so we would visit that lady pretty often. I was fascinated of course.

One day she taught me some basics and I read my cousin Shirley of course and I saw her death, I was traumatized by that as she was young and beautiful and I loved her as much as an older sister. I had that vision that persisted. One year later, one night I woke up and my mother too at the same time in the night. My cousin had a car accident miles away and was found dead. Since that, I never wanted to read the regular cards, they make me think about it. Now with time and distance, I have another vision of death and I know there is no separation. Thanks to my cousin who put me on the way of card reading because of her interest.

I was a dreamer, very introverted and shy, but my life was about to change completely.

The 70s come and I discover another world: America!

Rosine Bramly Je Suis MediumMy first boy-friend decided that we have to go to California.  For me it was like life was in black and white or grey before and all of a sudden life was in color. We ran away together and that was my first big trip. A whole adventure, landing in New York and travelling through the US, meeting incredible people, a turtle hunter in Vermont, a religious family praying for a safe trip and giving us food, so many nice people. God helped me during that trip, no doubt. I was 18 and very mystical, vegetarian, meditating, looking for truth and very naïve but so protected.

End of the trip: San Francisco in 1971, so many interesting adventures and meeting people who were so unusual to me. No doubt, it helped me open my mind to differences and not being judgmental on those differences.

I had the opportunity to learn about the law of attraction then. What a gift, it reinforced my intuitions but I could also be connected to the Divine. The power of positive thinking was in my life. The funny thing is that when I came back my mother was in the same spiritual direction even when we did not talk about it (no iPhone at that time).

I learned also to listen to my intuition when the voice says not to take that street at night. The one time, I did not listen to it, there was a man with a knife there waiting for me, I felt immediately it was not right, so I could escape, telling myself that I should listen to the voice when it says “don’t go there”

Then my boyfriend decides to enter in the Krishna movement I followed him to London. The Krishna life was horrible, too much control, food, sleep, occupations, the schedule is like military and I hated that. I tried my best, thinking that I have to learn about that experience. But, I met mean people, and I was so disappointed because it is not my vision of spirituality. The nice dreamer that I am really falls down. I was confused, put 60 pounds on and I lost my voice, I could not speak anymore. And I could hear in my mind my mother’s message “remember the door to home is always open when you want to come back”.

Going Home

And this is where destiny happens. My mother was worried about me, of course, and one day out of the blue, she visits an astrologist. That woman predicts that I will be very sick and come back, finding the passion of my life and staying in a room with books for 20 years. For me it was more a malediction than a good prediction.

But yes, my voice did not come back for weeks, my body ached everywhere, I couldn’t walk, so I decided to come back home.

My mother became friends with this woman astrologist and one day she was visiting and I met with that woman. She tells me “you are fat, ugly and you cry all the time and you get on my nerves, I am going to teach you astrology so you can do something with your life”. Thanks to that lady, Monique. I still see the little silver book full of numbers, and I saw a bolt of lightning and I knew that was it. I found my path, which after all the numerous ideas (weaving, dietician, therapist, missionary, working in kibbutz in Israel, raising goats and other crazy ideas) that I had in the past was finally clear. And it was not any crazier.

I started to study astrology all the time, craving for knowledge and there was not so many books at that time to nurture my desire to know more.

I was in an art school and all I did was readings for my friends at school.


Rosine Bramly Featured as Aura

I was looking for more and I found the first school of astrology, it was just opening and for me it was a miracle. I want to go, my parents agree, after all my adventures, they would agree to anything that makes kind of sense, at least I have the motivation to do the same thing.

My mentor, Jacques Berthon is a very charismatic man, so wise and with a high level of culture. In one year (I had decided to take the 2 years in one year to learn faster) my mind opens up. I read, go to museums, and listen to music. Jacques Berthon would say: “if you want to know about an Aquarius listen to Mozart, if you want to understand a Sagittarius listen to Beethoven. Go to Museum Rodin and look at the sculpture, this is what a Scorpio does”. “Don’t talk about astrology, use it, and make up your own mind”. This mentor was exceptional, and he taught me much about astrology, psychology, mythology, a man of exception.

I was 21 years old and lucky enough to have a clear vision of my path in life, and the main idea since I was a little girl was to help people be happy. And I had the magic tool for that.

I spend the whole year of 1974 studying, drawing charts, having visions (seeing people coming to me asking for help and support) stars turning around my head during the sleepless nights. That is a great memory, I read more books that year that I ever did after that. The joy of learning something so special has no equivalent in life.

I got my diplomas of Ecole Supérieure d’Astrologie de Paris, I was the best and the youngest student, doing 2 years at the same time. But when you are in the right direction, you have the passion, right?!

Then again destiny intervenes. I met with an old lady who is a clairvoyant. She has an office in Paris and one in Orleans where my parents lived. She offers me to do readings in Paris when she is in Orleans. What an offer! Her nephew Michel is a clairvoyant too, we are both 22 years old and we start working together in her office. Michel knows how to read tarot and the first time I meet him, I am so impressed by his gift that I get shy. He is impressed by my knowledge of astrology. We spent the following year exchanging our knowledge. We kept studying and studying. He teaches me to trust my visions more, to make them more conscious and to be less passive with it, to activate them or stop them when they go through my mind. I let them soar and develop.

It is not always easy to open to another level. I start being overwhelmed when I took the metro, I felt people’s energy too much, I saw the auras of people and the dark colors of depression or the red color of anger was difficult for me. I even stopped taking the metro unless I was with somebody who would distract me from my visions. I feel people’s pains and of course, you don’t run after someone who did not ask you anything, “Hey, you should check your blood pressure or you’ll die” otherwise everybody will think you are crazy. It is already heavy enough to know now that you are different.

I developed the vision of auras more and more. Do you know that when you are in love, your aura is pink, that is why it is so refreshing to spend time close to people who are in love? I had to learn also to keep the channel closed and to open the channel when I am in intimate contact with people and not be open all the time. You need to learn to protect yourself, otherwise the vampires of energy can eat you up and it can be draining.

I love my work!

rosine-1What is fantastic with my work is that you always discover someone, something, it is never boring, you keep learning about life, love, that nothing is impossible, that people can overcome the worst ordeals, that they cry, heal, progress, forgive, love; and love again. And that is the fantastic energy of life and I am happy to connect to it through all my clients. Each client is a life with a different vibration and a new learning. And I want to do that all my life, no retirement for me, I still love my work because it is part of me, it is a lifestyle, a mission and it still brings me so much joy.