So Insightful!

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The first time I heard about Rosine was through a good friend of my sister’s. I was going through a real low point emotionally and life felt pretty uneasy. When I finally decided to call and speak with her she immediately reminded me of all the unique parts to who I am and that life is full of ups and downs. Simply hearing about myself, out of the context of the undertow I was facing at that moment, was incredibly helpful. Rosine was a positive force that allowed me to see my own strengths, my own character and helped me get a grip on the bigger picture instead of focusing on the small moment. She was insightful and caring and gave me the opportunity to see things a little differently, which helped me understand areas in my life that had previously been stressful. The best part was that she helped me see where I could harness my energy in positive ways that already existed. All around it was very uplifting. I definitely recommend calling Rosine if you have ever thought about it. I consider myself lucky to have found her.

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