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Tarot de Marseilles

I travel a lot and am not always able to check my U.S. voicemail or text message when I am in Europe.  Even though I am reachable through Facebook, whatsapp, text, home phone, line, messenger, if I don’t respond within 48 hours, you can be sure that the only reason why I did not respond is because I did not see your message.

When you complete the request a reading form, I request information such as your time zone, your name, birthdate, time and location of birth for you and those who are close to you.

A reading can be done in person, over the phone, through Skype, Messenger , Whatsapp or Line.  Usually a reading lasts one hour for a cost of $170.  Payments can be made by check, credit card over the phone or Paypal.

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I started astrology in September 1972 and the first time I had a book of astrology in my hand, I had like a lightning, telling me that it was my path. I started to study with passion and enthusiasm and never stopped. More than 40 years of practice and still I enjoy reading people’s destiny with the same joy.

If you provide me with your birthdate, time of birth and birth city, I can read your personality and destiny – this can be done in broad strokes, or with great detail.  With similar information about people close to you, I can see how your relationship will develop or not.
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I have been reading Tarot since 1974.  I typically use the Tarot de Marseille which is like a book of your life.  I love also using the Tarot Astrologique de George Muchery, the rich symbols talk to me so easily.  As the cards are selected they bring images to me that allow me to understand many of the details of you and your future.  These readings can be done in person, but if that’s not possible, I can pull the cards for you.  The connection that I have with you, whether by phone, email, or online (i.e. Skype or Whatsapp) allows me to perform these readings.
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I read auras also, which will require that we meet in person. Each zone of the energy around your body has a message to deliver.  I put my hands near each zone without touching, to feel your aura.

The Aura zones are described below:

  • General Energy.  I can read your general level of energy, if your energy level is displaced.
  • Spirituality. Your spirituality is read above your head.  I can feel whether you are close minded to spirituality or open and approachable.  Connection with your intuition can be visible to me as well.  I find it amazing with people who meditate – their energy is peaceful, while at the same time, it is active and moves.
  • Heart. When I read the health of your “heart”, I can determine whether you are open or closed to a new relationship, whether you are happy or not.
  • Digestive System. I can feel your digestive system and tell you whether your eating and drinking habits are causing you health issues even if you are not aware.
  • Communication.  I look to see what your level of communication is.  Are you shy? Communicative? Whether or not you are able to handle difficult people well.  I find that people that have a good level of communication are talented with their voices, whether through singing or mastering numerous foreign languages.
  • Sex.  Your sex zone can tell me your openness and health in your sexual relationships.
  • Project  The project zone gives me an insight into your professional mindset.
  • Grounding. I then move to your feet, and read your “grounding”.  This tells me whether you are ready to make a change in the location of your home, you are in the process of decluttering your home, you travel a lot, or you prefer remaining on one location.
  • Relationships with same/opposite sex. I can tell you what your relationships with men and women are like, whether you have healthy relationships / friendships with the same or the opposite sex.
  • Financial Security.  Finally I check your financial security.  This tells me how you feel about your financial situation, whether you are anxious, scared, safe, or actively working toward improving your situation.
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When I get involved in love coaching with someone, that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily IN a relationship.  It can be any number of situations:

  • No relationship.  It can be because you have NO relationship – I help you to get back on track.
  • New relationship. I help guide you in starting the new relationship on good footing and avoid repeating the same mistakes from previous relationships.
  • Relationship problems.  I can help you better understand your spouse/significant other and improve your relationship or help you to end it with dignity.
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