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Rosine Bramly, astrologist, clairvoyant, tarot reader

Rosine Bramly, Clairvoyant, Astrologist, Tarot Reader, etc.

Hi, I’m Rosine Bramly, I am an astrologer and have been working in the United States and in Europe, and have clients virtually all over the world.  I moved to the United States in 2010, and have expanded my clientele to include almost every state.  I graduated with honors from the Ecole Supérieure d’Astrologie de Paris, as the youngest student at that time.

I started practicing in 1974, and have been working as an astrologist, Tarot reader, aura reader, numerologist and clairvoyant.  I advise on self development, career counseling, relationship management, health, parenting, and your children’s education.  Love is my big thing.  I LOVE helping people in their love relationships!

Client Network

Because I am so well known in France as an astrologer, I have developed an impressive network of people from different countries who rely on my intuition and knowledge of human personality traits for personal advice on careers, relationships, and health. As a result, I have developed a great reputation for career counseling and love coaching. I help my clients to develop strategies to improve their professional and personal lives. Most of my clients seek my counsel on a regular basis and some have sought my advice for over 30 years. After developing a large network all over France and in England, North and South America, Geneva, Brussels, Italy, Morocco, and even Japan, I moved from my base in Paris to Florida in 2010. My clients include bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, writers, journalists, and working men and women. My marketing of new clients is primarily through personal referrals from existing clients. Except for my website, I don’t advertise.  All my clients come to me through word of mouth.

Independent Recognition

“Guide des Meilleurs Astrologues et Voyants de Paris”

Ms. Bramly received the highest recognition and also received a special mention because of her mixing of different techniques, such as astrology with tarot cards and supplemented by aura reading.

Vanity Fair, Paris, “Ces astrologues qui dominent le monde”

In an article in Vanity Fair, Paris, “Ces astrologues qui dominent le monde”, written by Bethsabee Krishovey, I was featured as a top astrologist in the world.

“Fair Game”, by Valerie Plame Wilson

Valerie Plame Wilson mentioned me in her book “Fair Game”, published in October 22, 2007, because of my prediction of the future birth of her twins.


I have been working as a freelance astrologist for many years with major publications, such as:

  • Marie France, Paris

    Weekly online astrological coaching (in French) for the website and monthly astrology for the printed magazine. Check your horoscope on Saturdays to see what you can expect for your weekend and the coming week!

  • Marie France, Asia

    Weekly online astrological coaching (in English) for the website Check your horoscope on Saturdays to see what you can expect for your weekend and the coming week!

  • Vogue.Italy

    Weekly online horoscopes (in English and Italian) for the website Check your horoscope on Mondays to see what you can expect for your week!

What my clients say about me

So Insightful! So Insightful! The first time I heard about Rosine was through a good friend of my sister's. I was going through a real low point emotionally and life felt pretty uneasy. When I finally decided to call and speak with her she immediately reminded me of all the unique parts to who I am and that life is full of ups and downs. Simply hearing about myself, out of the context of the undertow I was facing at that moment, was incredibly helpful. Rosine was a positive force that allowed me to see my own strengths, my own character and helped me get a grip on the bigger picture instead of focusing on the small moment. She was insightful and caring and gave me the opportunity to see things a little differently, which helped me understand areas in my life that had previously been stressful. The best part was that she helped me see where I could harness my energy in positive ways that already existed. All around it was very uplifting. I definitely recommend calling Rosine if you have ever thought about it. I consider myself lucky to have found her. Rosine, you are magnifique!!! Merci, merci, merci!!! Rosine, you are magnifique!!! Merci, merci, merci!!! Rosine has the amazing gift of tapping into the realm of all possibilty. Both times I have seen Rosine, she has shared astounding insight into how my path will unfold. And she didn’t just give insight, she shared uncanny and accurate details that all came true. For instance, Rosine predicted the next man I would share my heart with including what our dynamic would be like, that he would have a son that I would adore as well as many other incredible details. Rosine also shared with me valuable insight into how my business would evolve this year and she shared with me that a new creative associate would come into my life to help change the direction of my career path and it all came true!! It was as if she had been given access to my future and was excitedly sharing my future stories with me. I cannot recommend Rosine enough. Not only will her warm, dynamic and charismatic personality blow you away but her relationship with the non physical is incredible. For me, she really helped make sense of the direction I was going in and that brought me more peace than I can say. Rosine, you are magnifique!!! Merci, merci, merci!!! I would definitely use her services again. I would definitely use her services again. Rosine is empathetic and kind. She is also very much on target. I'm generally a skeptic, but I would definitely use her services again.

Sarah Cain
Rosine is an amazing writer and astrologer Rosine is an amazing writer and astrologer Rosine is an amazing writer and astrologer, you can be sure that she knows about future, relationships & love affairs ! I met her as I was a journalist and she became a necessary reference to my articles. In Paris and France, she is a famous astrologer. She advices stars like the girl next door, with knowledges, intuition & researchs for great results.

She is an attractive & serious professional.

Stéphanie Viallefond
Experte de la communication et de l'écriture
Rosine is an amazing woman Rosine is an amazing woman What started out as a reading has turned into a true friendship. Rosine is an amazing woman, with an equally amazing gift. Initially apprehensive, Rosine won me over with her insightful readings and incredible details.

Susan Izzo
I am recommending her to all of my friends. I am recommending her to all of my friends. Rosie's reading was the best, most thorough and accurate reading that I have ever had. I am recommending her to all of my friends. Those who have had readings are also thrilled with them.

Freddie Cadmus
Rosine is amazing Rosine is amazing Rosine is amazing and she is so awesome from the readings she has done for me. It's amazing what she sees for my future and things from the past, present, and future. I am a Real Estate investor and when I have major deal, I won't do it without consulting her and she has been such big help for my success. I also have referred so many friends to do the readings and all of them left with amazing experience. I told her she is my angel.

Jean Williams